Brilliant Story App

How to Make a Brilliant Story App

1. First, choose what story you’d like to tell! We’ve made lots (well, four) apps based on fairytales so far – they work well because they’re popular all over the world, children already know the stories, and they’re really exciting. Giants! Kings and Princesses! Cross-dressing wolves! Fairytales have EVERYTHING. 2. Next, decide how you’d like …

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Book of Mars

More Information on Book of Mars

Mars had been a fictional destination before Wells chose to unleash his invasion. Percy Greg in his 1880 novel Across The Zodiac took his traveller to Mars by antigravity, discovering a Martian civilisation and becoming embroiled in a clash of ideologies. Like most of the works prior to Wells, the Mars imagined by writers was …

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The Panic Broadcast

The Panic Broadcast

Here are very few good first hand accounts of the gestation and aftermath of the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938, so this gem of a book is one to be savoured and treasured. Howard Koch actually wrote the script for the broadcast, though there is some debate as to how much …

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Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain must be one of the most outlandish cartoons ever made and in one particularly memorable episode, dishes up a superbly wacky homage to The War of the Worlds radio broadcast, though it’s fair to say that Pinky and the Brain is really nothing less than one huge homage to Orson Welles. …

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