Wisdom of Enneagram

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Wisdom of the Enneagram was originally published in 1999. It has since served many thousands of people around the world who are searching to understand themselves more fully and, as importantly, their relationships with all the many different types of personality they come into contact with. Riso and Hudson documented their research and developed …

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The Vineyard 1

Novels Set in the Napa Valley

The Vineyard by Idwal JonesPaperback. 285 pages. 1997. Set in the Napa Valley at the turn of the century, this novel beautifully evokes the characters’ love of the land and the rhythms of life lived close to the earth and its seasons. Spirited Alda Pendle is the daughter of a viticulturist who has taught her …

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Book Review

Are Book Reviews Important?

Many book reviews will critique the book and the author, although most book reviews are generally favorable towards the author. There are a few that are panned, but this is not like a movie review where a movie is panned by critics but still rakes in money at the box office. A negative book review …

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